Sunday, May 18, 2014

Books I've Read Lately

Pretty uneventful weekend over here! We did some wedding things, ran lots of errands, and worked out ... a lot! (we’re trying to get into wedding shape) We went shopping together and after many stores and hours later I found my bachelorette dress! It was super hard to find something that felt like me but also was for a night out on the town! Honestly, we haven’t been doing a lot of nights out lately! However, in between the hustle and bustle I was able to finish these two books.

There is something about the public library that honestly makes me beyond happy. Back in High School, when I was feeling stressed or upset, probably about something silly, I’d visit the library. It would calm me. I am not sure why. I just always felt I could lose myself in the books no matter what was going on in my actual life! Thank goodness I currently live less than 0.2 miles away from the public library! I head there about every 2 weeks.

I enjoyed Sisterland. It made me happy, sad, and angry. I love when I can relate or have reactions to characters that I read. However,since finishing this book, I haven’t thought about the characters at all. That tells me I didn’t love it. Do you ever have that? Where a week later something happens and it makes you think of a character in a book you read?? I have and it’s awesome. I know nerd alert!

I felt like Living Single was written very much like a Sex and the City episode. It was about a main character, Erin, who was having an affair with a married man. (hello.. Big and Carrie anyone?) She would then meet with her three girlfriends once a week at breakfast or dinner. I just felt like this book fell flat. I love Sex and the City but I like when Candace Bushnell writes about them, not Holly Chamberlin. I felt like there was a lot of unnecessary information we could have done without in the book. Have you ever had that feeling when every time you turned the page 100 more pages were added to the book? It just never ended! Also I could have predicted the ending after reading the first chapter! Bottom line..I was disappointed.

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