Thursday, May 1, 2014


A little over a year ago, I unfortunately lost my beloved grandmother. She was a bubbly, kind, loving, and wonderful person. However, my favorite trait about my grandmother was her carefree lifestyle. She was always open to trying new things and many knew her as the life of the party.  Lately, I have been missing her more and more, I think because the wedding is so close! I often find myself upset that she will not be there on my big day physically however; I know without a doubt, she will be there in spirit. Grandma would never miss a good party! ;) So this brings me to my new goal in honor of my Grams. She was an avid reader. You often never saw her without a book in her bag or hand! She used to write down the books along with a short synopsis so she wouldn’t forget previously read books!

So with all that being said my new goal is… to read a book a month! This should NOT be a challenge however with all the Real Housewives of anything I have to watch chores I have to do, it seems like reading always gets put on the back burner. I try to tell myself I will read before bed, however, as Paul has witness many of nights, the book often finds itself falling to the ground as I am far away in dream land! So, my goal is to get to bed thirty minutes before my regular time to get in some quality reading.

So far, I am doing well! I just finished this book, The Other Half by Sarah Rayner. It is written from the point of view of two women. One of the narrators, Maggie, is the wife and the other narrator, Chloe, is the mistress. (I know I know should I really have read this book two months before my wedding?!?!? Just kidding Paul hehe) This book navigates between their separate lives and how they are both affected from this affair. In addition, it really emphasizes how no one will go unscathed from this choice that is made.

Overall I would give it a C on my grading scale. It was a good easy read however, I tended to find myself bored while reading this book. {disclaimer: One thing you should know about me when I start something I HATE to not finish it. It’s one of my pet peeves.) So even though I wasn’t in love with the book I had to see how it ended. Overall the book was rather anti-climatic. I would recommend if you are in for an easy read!

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