Tuesday, May 6, 2014


With Paul in Grad school and our nuptials around the corner, we often find ourselves as two ships passing in the night. So, on the weekends, we try to make an effort to spend quality time together. This past weekend we decided to go for a hike on Billy Goat Trail. We packed our bags, filled our water containers, and headed North to the trails nestled next to the Potomac River.

Lo and behold, I was in charge of the directions. Whose good idea was that? Fast-forward 45 minutes we were on the wrong side of the Potomac. Oops. After a few U turns, legal of course, and the use of two smartphones, we found our way to Billy Goat Trail!

The signs seem to be lacking around this trail because we had difficulty figuring out where to start. So, we did what we do best, asked for help. We found out that we should start at Billy Goat Trail Section A (self-explanatory right?) We discovered that this hike has 3 different parts; Section A, B, and C. Then when you finish each trail, you can walk along the towpath on the C & O canal to find your way back or head to the next trail. There were many other trails besides the Billy Goat that intersected as well! We also encountered rock climbers, kayakers, canoeres, and stand up paddlers enjoying the warm weather.

Off we went to Section A! As we approached the trail head what do we see? DANGER: due to flooding this trail is closed!! So scratch that and let’s head to Billy Goat Trail Section B.

We made it!

It looks whimsical doesn’t it?

When in the forest, barre it out. Obviously.

Meet Fred, this guy scared the life out of me!

Wild picture

Time for Section C

Look who we spotted as we were leaving! Turtles! Turtle Time anyone? Sorry RHONYC reference.. anyone? anyone?

At the end of it all each trail was roughly 1.7 miles then the walk back on the towpath to our car which was 3 miles. So in total ... drum roll please... the hike was around 6 miles! Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon! Overall I would give this hike a great review! We enjoyed it and we’re already planning to head back to conquer Section A!

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