Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Basil Omelet with Berry Toast

 This is my favorite go to Saturday or Sunday breakfast! Most mornings are too crazy in our house to whip this together however total I would say it takes about 15 minutes. It is so easy yet so delicious and filling!

Basil Omelet with Berry Toast
Serves 1

1 egg with yolk (I like cage free.. makes me feel better!)

2 egg whites

1/8 cup of Nonfat Cottage Cheese

1/4 cup of berries of your choice (My go to is always blackberries and raspberries)

1 slices of Ezekiel Bread (I like to use any sprouted bread. My goal is to make my own maybe in the next few months!)

1 tablespoon of almond butter (I made my own in my handy dandy Vitamix! Just 1 cup of almonds and ½ cup of water- blend until smooth!)

Coconut oil spray

Fresh chopped basil leaves


    1.  Heat pan on low with a little coconut cooking oil.
    2.  While pan is heating, in a medium glass bowl crack one egg and add 2 egg whites. Then add the1/8 cup of cottage cheese. Whisk together until everything is combined. Chop a few basil leaves and stir in!
    3.  Pour into the heated pan.
    4.  While this is cooking, toast bread in a toaster
    5.  Cook the eggs until it is no longer a liquid. I like to fold my eggs so they look like an omelet.
    6.  Smear almond butter on the toast and add the berries on top.
    7.  Enjoy with a coffee of course!

Total calories for one serving: 323


  1. this is the second time i've heard about sprouted bread in a week (the guy who founded the cleanse i'm doing recommends it)…must buy!

  2. yes yes! I always buy Ezekiel bread! At Trader Joe's it's with the breads but other grocery stores has them in the freezer section! I heard they make English Muffins and tortillas! I'll search for them! I also want to try my own bread this weekend! I'll post about it


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