Monday, December 2, 2013


When I am searching for new dinner options, I like to find simple recipes that I can modify to fit my “healthy” lifestyle. While I am not perfect, obviously, I try my best to eat clean and healthy when I can! I try not to get caught up in the new diet fads, for example, no carbs, no dairy etc.! So with that being said, this is a delicious EASY dinner recipe that can be modified to fit anyone! So without wasting anymore time....
                  Open Faced “Adult” Grilled Cheese
              adopted from the pearls, handcuffs and happy hour
                         (makes 4 servings)

                                   1 package of Deli Turkey (8 oz)

                                           4 slices of Eziekiel Whole Wheat Bread

                                    1 package of Turkey Bacon

                                1 Ripe Avacado, cut into fourths

                Coconut Oil Spray

                                     1 tomato (optional not shown)

                              Cheese (any kind- I used low fat cheddar slices here)

                                                               All the good stuff
                                                 I seriously love this coconut oil!

uhhhh yummmm. When I see this picture I think of that commercial for dog food, "bacon bacon bacon bacon I love bacon!"
                                                       Split up the turkey meat
                  A serving of avocado is 1/4 of the avocado. So place that on top!
Add the Turkey Bacon
I used cheddar but you can use any type of cheese. I would just think sliced is easier to work with! However, if you can find something else that works write a comment below!
                     I like to keep the top on so all the steam can help melt the cheese!

I like to make sure the bottom is nice and toasted! However this is a personal preference!
                                                             Anddd.... Voila!


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  1. OH, I'm drooling!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! ~ Cara :)


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