Saturday, May 2, 2015

Girls' Weekend!

Finally! It is a girls' weekend! Paul is away with friends in Atlantic City and Dre-Dre is in town from HotLanta!! You know what they say.. when the cats away the mice will play! Hehe... Just Kidding! As soon as I found out Dre was coming, I knew I must make her absolute favorite dinner.. Lasagna Soup! This is the easiest, most delicious, stick to your bones, heart warming, delectable, soup! It is spoon lickin' good! I am not kidding, people will think you slaved over the oven for hours when really, I threw everything into the crock pot, let it cook for 8 hours later and...Voila!  You have the best soup you've ever tasted! I feel like it tastes like Italy, I mean if Italy was an actual flavor! Hopefully you are as happy as we were! It is totally normal to lick the bowls clean.. we did. This is a no judgement zone if you decide you need seconds. You deserve it!

Skinny Lasagna Soup
Serves 4
Original Recipe from


   2 tbsp of oil
   3 cloves of garlic
   1 Yellow Onion, diced
   1 package of Organic Italian sausage, casings removed
   2 Bay Leaves
   ½ cup of Basil, chopped
   1 jar of organic Tomato Sauce
   8 oz of lasagna sheet pasta
   Fat Free Ricotta Cheese, for topping
   Parmesan Cheese, for topping


Sauté garlic over medium heat in olive oil. Add the diced onion. Occasionally stir the onions and garlic until slightly translucent, about 5 minutes, depending on oven.

Then add the sausage without the casings. Break apart the sausage and continue to stir until browned.

Take off the heat, transfer sausage mixture into crock-pot. Add tomato sauce, basil, and bay leaves. Cook on low for 8 hours. 30 minutes before serving, turn off the crock pot and add 8 oz of lasagna pasta sheets. Stirring once before the 30 minutes are done. Serve with 1 tbsp of ricotta and sprinkled parmesan cheese! Yum!

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