Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Pieces We Keep

As Paul and my mom always say, I constantly read the same type of genres; romantic fiction. So, to challenge them, I have been trying to read different types of books. This book, I would say, is loosely a historical fiction.

The Pieces We Keep is an intricate tale of two women seemingly unrelated yet tied together 70 years apart. Audra is a young widowed mother living in current day and Vivian is the daughter of an American diplomat living in London just before WWII. How these two women are connected is slowly and skillfully revealed through alternating chapters.

At the end of each chapter we are left with cliffhangers that lead into the next chapter, but that are occurring in the opposite time period. The alternating chapters make for fantastic reading, with great suspense. You want to keep reading so you can return to either 1942, or 2012 and find out how these pieces connect. Each chapter slowly reveals the connection, the secrets, and the reasons why Audra and Vivian’s lives become intertwined or connected!

I enjoyed this book, there were some “slow” parts that I felt were occasionally “fluff” however, and I really enjoyed this book and read it in only three days!

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