Thursday, November 21, 2013


Since I was a little girl, I always loved nail polish! I remember back in elementary school, I would begggg my mother for fake nails! Of course she didn’t give in until I was in High School!
During college I became particularly addicted/obsessed with Gel Manicures! However, with the Northern Virginia price tag of $35 for Gel Manicure, it became a little too expensive!

 So, I came across this amazing nail brand called CND Vinylux. It is AHMAZING! I will paint my nails usually on Sunday nights and it stays at least 5 days before it starts chipping! I love it! This one is called Midnight Swim! Oolala! I love how sparkly it is! The only complaint I have, about this color, is that it takes a little bit to take off because of the dark blue color!

In order of use: { Nail Polish Remover (any brand), Cuticle tool, similar - I use to push back my cuticles, Buffer, similar- I use after I have filed my nails and used cuticle tool, OPI Bond Aid- I like this as my base even though with this polish you don’t need a base coat with this polish, CND Vinylux color polish in midnight swim ( I like 2 coats), and the CNDVinylux top coat!}

My nails after I took off polish and buffed each one!

 My nails after I painted on the OPI bond aid.

 Tadaa! All done! {my nails have 2 coats of CND Vinylux Midnight Swim and one coat of CND Vinylux top coat}

Enjoy your Mani for at least the next five days! 

xo, Lyss

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